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The Book of Cumae

3D visualisation


given in perpetuity to the husband de son ami


“The Book of Cumae” is an experimental extension of "The Sibylline Diary”, where I investigate recently introduced collage and figurative elements in my work. Here, again, the idea of working as an oracle transforming her visions into images comes to the forefront. Mythical and mystical images and sentences are combined with contemporary culture and storytelling. I ask the audience to get lost in the open interpretation of the “pages”, to marvel at the mystery of everything untold, and to create their own story where mine ends.

I consider these large works on paper as sketches for future works where I freely merged the developed over the past couple of years. This way, I wanted to get an idea of what my work would become in the future. I want to further develop the themes and aesthetics discovered in these sketches.

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