Mythology was used to gather knowledge about our physical and mental world, as we use science to do so today. Through that knowledge, we can assign meaning to everything we come into contact with. And so we ground ourselves.


It is that which is an integral part of being human: our constant creation in a universe which, without our interferences, would stay without meaning.


But knowledge is subjective, so the foundations that we build for ourselves are unstable. The idea that we can’t travel faster than the speed of light can be as mythological within 2000 years as the Minotaur is to us today. The way we feel about love and death may change from one day to the next.

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In my artistic practice, I draw attention to the subjectivity of knowledge and meaning. My works allude to meaning and knowledge through verbal and symbolic, visual references. At first, it seems that the words and symbols contain a certain meaning or knowledge. My research into the themes I want to depict make it so that the references are grounded in contemporary and historical sources, ranging from mythological stories to scientific formula.


This knowledge is both appropriated and dislocated during the creation of the work. References are brought together based on intuition rather than structure. In doing so, the meaning and knowledge contained in the work is made almost illegible for the audience. They are meant to get lost in the labyrinth of references and either succumb to nihilism or find their way through our human nature.


My works range from drawing, painting and sculpture to video and installation art. Images, symbols, sentences and expression-like marks and swirls are brought together to create artifacts that seem to proclaim and unknown truth in a contemporary context. At times, these are brought together in installations, which are often first created in a 3D digital environment to test out larger elements and the relationships between works while not being constraint by my own technical limits.