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solit ude

3D visualisation


During the 2020 lockdown, I started doing something unusual for myself: watching movies by myself. And while I watched these movies, I took stills that intrigued me for an unknown reason. After an intense period of isolation and solitude, I looked back on these stills with a new perspective. They were all showing a person whose lover had just left, in that moment just when you start missing them. A lover that left out of anger, or fear, or love. Someone waiting for the phone to ring, knowing it won’t. Or turning around after his partner slammed the door of the caravan he just moved into. These people long to feel the presence of this person again, but will have to wait an unknown amount of time for their reunion.

These stills were used as a starting point for a series of paintings created for an exhibition in Liege, a city I coincidentally associate with loneliness, enhanced by the sense of late Fall, almost turning to Winter.

The paintings reflect on solitude in both their states: as both a desirable situation and frightening condition. Sometimes, being alone is needed to recharge and reflect; while at other times being lonely drains all the energy from our body and mind.

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