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solit ude

3D visualisation


The “solit ude” series started when, during the COVID-19 lockdown, I started watching a lot of LGBTQ+ movies. Soon, I noticed how often the plot revolves around doomed or lonely love, where the main character or characters spend the movie or end up alone. This central theme of aloneness and solitude is an engrained part of LGBTQ+ culture, and translates back into its cinema. 

The works start from stills from these movies, always showing an intense moment where heartbreak and loneliness are at their strongest. A lover leaving out of anger, or fear, or love. Someone waiting for the phone to ring, knowing it won’t. Or turning around after his partner slammed the door of the caravan he just moved into. These people long to feel the love of this person again, but don’t know if it will ever return.

The paintings reflect on solitude in both their states: as both a desirable situation and a frightening condition. Sometimes, being alone is needed to recharge and reflect; while at other times being lonely drains all the energy from our body and mind, making us crave that which we fear we may never have again. 

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