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installation view

Secrets of the Dark Prophet

2021 - 2023

Trailer of 3D VR video. Best experienced on VR headset.




Between 2021 and 2023, I retreated to my studio and disassembled the different aspects of my artistic practice. “S.o.t.D.P.” is the result of this reflective period, a series that combines paintings, sculpture, video, and a new experiment with virtual reality into a whole where the individual works act as a collage for a greater narrative.

To shape my research, I returned to the idea of an artefact: a historical object with a mystical or unknown meaning. This time I focused specifically on religious artefacts and the way they give an aura to prophets and the beliefs they give shape to. “S.o.t.D.P.” visualizes the history and legacy of a fictitious prophet. The works are structured like a fragmentary vision. They mimic the mysterious cluster of meaning that archaeological artefacts and religious imagery contain.

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