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installation visualisation


“Pandemonium” explores the elements related to the satyr Pan, deity of shepherds, hunters, animals, meadows and forests, panic. These elements seems paradoxical on first sight, but are also share a deep relationship. A pandemonium is both frighting and deeply natural.

The installation consists of 6 painted canvases, which are strung up in the space, balancing between tension and elegance. Two video-projections, five plaster sculptures and a sound-piece add to the environment and concept of the work.

Different tempos are layered on top of each other in the videos, creating a chaos of impressions: a naked person rotating in slow motion, and the same person who spins about like a madman. The video is glitched so that the video shows the same panicked energy. A balance between calm elagancy, erotisism and chaotic panic.

The sound-piece is to be a combination of pan-flute and white noise, creating a kind of “musique concrète”.

This installation was made as a 3D-model , consisting of realized work and virtually created elements, to visualize the final result.

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