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objets perdus

installation view


When completing my previous series of paintings, “The Book of Cumae”, I discerned a few captivating tangents I wanted to investigate with new work.

Each canvas in “objets perdus” is centered around a single painted object, which I stripped of most of its features. The context in which an artefact was initially created and existed can be irrevocably lost to history, and all one can do is speculate as to the reason if its creation. I attempted to recreate this poignant combination of loss, of confusion, and at the same time tantalizing wonder.

Each object is accompanied by fragments of text and symbols, that could reasonably reveal something of the object’s origins, or they can be later additions that bear no relation—in this way, each painting can be read as a palimpsest, but with no definitive possibilities to decipher a message.

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