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3D visualisation


At Mekone, Prometheus led the ritual that would divide divinity from mortality. The Gods and the mortals would both have their due, decided in the sacrifice. Prometheus decided the slaughtered animal in 2 parts: all the edible flesh, hidden in the stomach of the bull. And the bones, made beautiful by the glistening fat. Zeus, as king, was given the first choice. He picked the bones, seeing their beauty but also besting Prometheus’ deception. While the Gods eternal could feast on the immaterial scent of the bones and incense, the mortals were damned to succumb to the hunger for flesh and eventual decay as all flesh does.

Prometheus created us in the image of the Gods, but was also tasked with separating us from them. He gave us fire, but only a mortal sliver stolen from the eternal fire of the Heavens. He gave us intelligence, but also doomed us to the sorrows that come with it.

Prometheus loved us, but with us love doomed us.

The installation “Mekone” uses different symbolical references taken from the ancient myth to translate the difference between eternity and mortality, care and deification, birth and death and the sadness throughout.

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