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3D visualisation


The only thing that might be considered timeless or permanent, is time itself. Our culture, our history, our cities and earth are eventually doomed to crumble beneath the waves of time. Even our entire universe is theorized to eventually stop existing.

In this installation, the idea and experience of time is central. While our culture has become so used to measure time, and live by those mathematic rules, we are limited by this perception. We do no longer consider the fundamental concept and implications of time.

Ancient mythology and religion best understood the subjectiveness of time. They didn’t create one deity to personify time but multiple, seeing as there are several experiences and instances of time. Science also stipulates this. The closer we get to a black hole, for example, the more the notion of time slows down.

The installation consists of five paintings which are based on five Greek deities to capture the idea of potential and time.

A fan is placed behind each of the 4 paintings, creating a breeze that move the drapings of the paintings, revealing and in the same motions hiding parts in their folds.

In front a CRT-television is set up, showing a video counting up the minutes of an hour. White pillows are set up in front of the television, inviting the visitors to sit down and experience measured time in a conscious manner, while experiencing another concept of time when walking through the installation of paintings.

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