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24 - 28 August 2019

Brussels, Belgium

Neither here nor there. Somewhere. It is there that the works shown at "BETWEEN (STAGE)" are located.

The podium is at the front, the wings at the rear. But what is in between, between the curtain, between the two worlds?

Starting from this idea, Sandra Meilunaite, and Dilum Coppens invited five artists to show work together with them in their studio, which is transformed into the stage for "BETWEEN (STAGE)" for the occasion. 


They choose artists whose work, for them, carries a deep connection with the mental “in-between space”, a space that is unknown to us, difficult to read, that seems strange but is not strange to us.

The works do not open easily, but have to be read patiently. They need time to unfold before the mind of the spectator, just like a play unfolds through time.

With works by Sandra Meilūnaitė, Obed Vleugels, Naomi Süssholz, Ladis, Ines Thora, Dyllen Rubbens & Dilum Coppens

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