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a l u n e

19 - 20 March 2022

Zinnema, Brussels, Belgium

In 1905, Debussy completed 'Suite bergamasque', his four-part composition for solo piano. The third part of that suite is titled 'Claire de Lune', just as the poem in Paul Verlaine's collection 'Fêtes galantes', or 'Courtship parties'. But what would those courtship parties look like in 2022? What does it mean today to meet each other again, dancing on and next to a stage, and what is a stage anyway? Will we really dance together again, or preferably alone, à l'une or à lune - by the light of the moon? This performance club exhibition by Lotte Suvée and Lodewijk van Dijk takes a close look at the field of tension between club culture on the one hand and music, dance and theatre conventions on the other, in a fascinating way. 

For a l u n e, Lotte works together with Lodewijk van Dijk (artistic assistance), Sara Dziri (composition, sound design) and Margherita Scalise. Production assistance and confidential advisor: Gilles Walraed; Artists/ Co-creators: Sephora Nys, Fran Lansbergen, Antje Wynants, Brienne Mizell, Dilum Coppens, Sandra Meilunaite, Arti Servaes, Mar Badal, Greta Fjelmann. (dramaturgy).

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