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After encountering the work of Kadar Brock, I became fascinated by his way of working and the way the process of making an image works. Wether we make a figurative or abstract image, there is always a process involved which we can’t fully control and shapes a part of the image. There is an unbridgeable gap between what we want to make, and what we make. A gap between the control we try to have over the image, and the uncontrollable actual image. This dark gap is what I call “the process of making an image”. We don’t really know what goes on in that darkness, but it’s always there. After making my first series of abstract painting, ONBESTEMD I, II, III and VI, I decided to further translate this idea into a digital context. I create a video which is then destroyed and rebuilt by the computer itself. This process is fully out of my hands and almost fully unintelligibly. It isn’t comprehensible what the computer does with an image that shouldn’t exist, but somehow the computer thinks for itself and rebuilds the image that the computer and I completely destroyed. The result is a moving, digital painting.