Sommeil, la dernière place d'amour


During my period of sexual awakening, I quickly discovered that sex and intimacy were used as a currency. I could give it to get it, but there were no emotions involved. The longer I practiced this, the more I was deprived of human emotions. This realization came during a very specific encounter. I slept over at His place. When I woke up, His arm was wrapped around me. A sudden feeling of bliss was replaced with horror when I realized this meant nothing to Him. It was a simple exchange of intimacy which was only meant to satisfy ourselves, not the other one. An arm that was tenderly wrapped around my body suddenly became a barded-wired barrier which held me in place to satisfy His need for intimacy. I was no longer being held, I was being trapped.

Dilum Coppens is a Belgian artist, investigating the creation of "meaning" through mythologyical references. His practice consits of different media, ranging from painting and drawing to video and performance. Most often, his creations come together in total-installations with painterly touches.