Ides of March

Ides of March - The Ambassador

Ides of March - Allāhu akbar

Ides of March - Deus Vult

Ides of March - Ista quidem vis est

After Julius Caesar was assassinated, Rome was plunged into chaos which led to the downfall of the Republic. When Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, the first World War was unleashed on its people. After a Russian Ambassador was assassinated in Turkey by a police officer during a gallery opening, the world stayed silent.

The world always balances of the edge of conflict, and yet knows no release. Today, it is like watching photos of a millisecond recording of an atomic explosion. There is no catharsis of the tensions that keep building.

Dilum Coppens is a Belgian artist, investigating the creation of "meaning" through mythologyical references. His practice consits of different media, ranging from painting and drawing to video and performance. Most often, his creations come together in total-installations with painterly touches.