Artist statement (2013)

Dilum Dilukum Coppens is a new artist, looking to merges his passions, interests and knowledge into an expressive form of art.

Since early on, Dilum used his talents to express himself into different forms of art. Writing, drawing, acting, performing and fashion, advertising and product design were all explored during his early years.

During studies tourism, he discovered his passion for art history, classic art, different cultures and traveling.

After his studies in tourism, Dilum went to the Erasmus Hogeschool Brussels. Here, he studies communication management and discovered his passion for the digital world, design, branding and storytelling, contemporary art, theatre and performance art.

In his last years at the Erasmus Hogeschool Brussels, Dilum rediscovered his passion for art and to create it. 

He started exploring himself and his art. He discovered his talents, imperfections, ideals, esthetic and passions; which he used to create his first forms of art. These consisted of performances, private art performances, painting and the publishing on a digital platform.

His plans to continue in this artistic direction are starting to take shape as we speak. Several of his artistic projects and exhibitions are being developed, and he is planning to attend Sint-Lucas College in Brussels; where he plans to study Liberal Artist as to not only explore his own form of art, but also learn from and be guided by professional artists so that he, too, can one day become a professional and hopefully celebrated artist.