Antimateria in frantumi



Antimateria in frantumi #1

Antimateria in frantumi #2

Further experimentation and exploration during and after the “Shatter” drawings and the “STRIPPED DOWN PLANE” series led to the creation of the series “Antimateria in frantumi”, which shows the development of my paintings during the same extended period. A continuation in the line of the “Collapsing Space in Progress” series led me to discover the idea of the “white”, “pure”, or “empty” space of the canvas, in which marks could create “tears” or “anti-matter” in contrast of the white space or material of the canvas.

Dilum Coppens is a Belgian artist, investigating the creation of "meaning" through mythologyical references. His practice consits of different media, ranging from painting and drawing to video and performance. Most often, his creations come together in total-installations with painterly touches.