About the act and counteract of terrorism

The school I attend in Brussels is closed tomorrow due to the terrorist threat that is enthusing Belgium.

Harsh measures I question myself.

Now I’m informed that the school where an acquaintance of mine works is closing it’s doors too. This school is located in the vicinity of the Brussels-Capital Region, and has not been asked to close it’s doors by the government. `

The line between safety, common sense and mass-hysteria is becoming thinner and thinner. 

We are locking down the Capital, and apparently now everything in the vicinity. And for what?

I understand the safety issues that are at play, and if a terrorist attack does take place I will be grateful that these measures are taken.

But at what cost?

One definition is “any act designed to cause fear”.

Closing down school, shops, cultural events and public events, offices, restaurants, cafés, …

In short, shutting down the public life of Brussels. Stopping it’s life force from flowing through it’s streets in buildings.

If we aren’t allowed to visit public places; and aren’t allowed to make large gatherings; we are basically forced to lock ourselves away behind our own doors. 

We are forced to create our own prison.

Isn’t all of this an act of “terrorism”? Aren’t we somehow “terrorized”, forced to feel fear?

If we didn’t fear all of this, we would walk outside. 

It’s fear, and it’s common sense. There is a treat of being blown or shot to pieces by an organization that has lost the power of love. 

And in the mean time, as is apparently the way our collective consciousness works, we are forgetting starving children, war-torn countries, fleeing and helpless refugees, a planet that is falling to pieces because of global warming and the exploitation of natural resources and so much more. 

It’s not only these foreign threats that causes all of this sudden mayhem, but it’s our leaders too. 

Enough measures aren’t taken to prevent our freedom. How are these people who lost all love allowed to roam our habitat with the intention of blowing us to pieces? Why aren’t we taking more action to guide those who mean us harm back to the path of love and understand for each other and themselves? 

Please understand that it’s not just them. It’s us too. 

You, me, your neighbor. We didn’t do enough.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow we are forced to stay inside and keep ourselves occupied. 

Don’t see it as an opportunity to sit around, take a break, laugh at the television or go shopping online.

We like to think we are the best and brightest and everyone should listen to us and our ideals.

Little do we all see that we are just as big hypocrites and just as big as a cesspool of filth like those who threaten us.

We fret and discriminate those we do not know while we think ourselves as God. 

Take the time to think, firstly, then to discuss and lastly to act. To make this world a better place. 

Research which leaders are taking the best actions to get this world back to a place of love and healing. Think about what you could do the give others who feel attacked - and thus want to lash out - a hug. Make a statement about the measures others took or the statement I made.

Because it starts with you and me.