Memborabilia dal mio viaggio nel secondo girone dell'inferno, canto V


After collecting the personal objects of my different sexual partners, who’s meaning and context I explored in “Memrobilia de mon voyage au secième cercle de l’enfere, Chant V”, I tried to further explore the way of presenting the objects and their meaning. Combining several digital techniques I explored in the past, I came up with a overlay of 3 different projections on top of each other. Two of them display the stormy skies, also seen in “Memrobilia de mon voyage au secième cercle de l’enfere, Chant V” in an eternal vortex which gathers up speed during the process of the video and create an infinite pit of dispair or an infinite mountain of misplaced pride. The third projections shows scans, distant images, of the objects I collected and them in the stormy, light-less skies where they gather up speed, just like the vortex and the people doomed to be punished for their sins.

Dilum Coppens is a Belgian artist, investigating the creation of "meaning" through mythologyical references. His practice consits of different media, ranging from painting and drawing to video and performance. Most often, his creations come together in total-installations with painterly touches.