During my period of sexual awakening, I quickly discovered that sex and intimacy was used as a currency. I could give it to get it, but there were no emotions involved. The longer I practiced this, the more I was deprived of human emotions. So I started wondering: what am I still able to get from these men? Not love, in any case, or friendship. I could ask them for a small object, a memorabilia as it were, to remember them. A tangible memory of our time together. But they wouldn’t want to give anything valuable to them, if they would give anything at all. They would only want to give me trash, either emotionally or physically. So I started stealing. I stole objects which I thought would have a great emotional value to them. That way, I wouldn’t only get a piece of their being made tangible; but I would also get a piece of their emotions. I became an emotional thief. But later on, I decided that these objects meant nothing to me. I had hundreds of them, but felt nothing but grief, sadness and disappointment in myself and others. So I decided to lock these objects in the second circle of Hell, described in Dante’s “La Divina Comedia”. The circle of Hell where all the doomed who gave into their lust are trapped in an eternal vortex of wind in a sky without light. These objects are all memorabilia, souvenirs, of my own trip to this Hell. And in the end, I decided to put them back whence they came. I gathered all these objects in an archive; which is on display in this work. This body of work was developed further in “Memorabilia dal mio viaggio nel secondo girone dell'inferno, canto V” in 2016.

Memorabilia de Chant V