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is an exhibition space founded in 2019 by Sandra Meilunaite & Dilum Coppens. After opening up their studio and adjoining space for an exhibition under the name "BETWEEN (STAGE)", they decided to keep the ball rolling, renovate the room and use it as an artist-run exhibition space for young and emerging artist. By hosting regular exhibitions for artists trying to do what they love, they hope to show Brussels the fresh young faces of promising creators, and broaden both the artists’ as their own network. 


Our open call for BroucsellA has ended, but expect more in the future. ;)

Upcoming exhibitions

BruocsellA, 2021



Past exhibitions


beauty/?, July 2020

BETWEEN (STAGE), August 2019

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BruocsellA will be an exhibition focussed on the work of womxn artists from Brussels. Not only have womxn artists been neglected throughout art history, sadly enough this trend carries on today. Sandra Meilunaite and Dilum Coppens saw that the Fine Arts department they studied at was filled with mostly womxn students when they started out, but when it became time to graduate the ratio of men was higher than ever. 


And even after attaining a degree, womxn artists are pushed to the sidelines. According to the stats from Micol Hebron‘s “Gallery Tally” project, only 30 percent of all artists represented by galleries in the US are female. 


And yet, womxn are the fighters. They fight the glass ceiling, the sexism experienced on the street and the workspace, for the right to have a career and a family, for the right to be a boss and not be called a bitch, for social change. They are strength. 

Every week, we are announcing and introducing one of the artists for the exhibition on our social media. Take a look below to see the list grow!



18-24 July 2020

For their first exhibition at their new exhibition space K.L.8, Sandra Meilunaite and Dilum Coppens chose 23 artists to show work around the theme of “beauty”.


With the severe cultural budget cuts made in Flanders, they made the decision to open up their own artist-run exhibition space for young and beginning artists. And what better way to start everything off with a comment made by MP Peter De Roover, who reacted against the reaction of the cultural sector. De Roover claims that “we used to have artists who had a better eye for beauty”. Sandra and Dilum, however, do not believe so and went out looking for artists to show a very diverse vision on contemporary beauty.


And they sure did find it. From trashy to luxury, vague to direct, subtle to in-your-face, humane to mechanical, the show will be filled with as much aesthetics and visions as possible.

Ranging from figurative painting to experimental video and installation, 23 artists from Belgium and abroad were selected and will show work at the exhibition “beauty / ?”.


Beauty is when there is an investigation into the inner interest. The interest in everything our eyes can see or what our bodies can feel. The research materializes itself into an image, through the hands and minds of the various identities that are scattered throughout the world. When they come together, we understand that everyone's perspective is different - if you stand on one side of a box, you won't see the other side. The beauty comes into play when multiple sides are exposed, and there are no more boundaries.


With work by Aarnoud De Rycker, Alma & Brett Studhome, Annabel Claeys, Arthur Cordier, Claudia Holzinger, Dawn Woolley, Doménico CV Talarico, Florien Allemeersch, Francesca Mussi, Magdalena Hoffa, Mario Londoño, Matthias De Wolf, Myriam Gross Mall, Peter Troucheau, Roos van Geffen, Sandrine Deumier, Stef Lemmens, Stefan Klein, Stijn Van Hoof, Tshepo Moloi and Wouter Vanderstede & Peter Simon.



24 - 28 August 2019

Neither here nor there. Somewhere. It is there that the works shown at "BETWEEN (STAGE)" are located.

The podium is at the front, the wings at the rear. But what is in between, between the curtain, between the two worlds?

Starting from this idea, Sandra Meilunaite, and Dilum Coppens invited five artists to show work together with them in their studio, which is transformed into the stage for "BETWEEN (STAGE)" for the occasion.


They choose artists whose work, for them, carries a deep connection with the mental “in-between space”, a space that is unknown to us, difficult to read, that seems strange but is not strange to us.

The works do not open easily, but have to be read patiently. They need time to unfold before the mind of the spectator, just like a play unfolds through time.

Opening on 23th of Augustus 2019, at 17h.
Open from 24th until 28th of August, from 11u until 18h.

With works by Sandra Meilūnaitė, Obed Vleugels, Naomi Süssholz, Ladis, Ines Thora, Dyllen Rubbens & Dilum Coppens