is an exhibition space founded in 2019 by Sandra Meilunaite & Dilum Coppens. After opening up their studio and adjoining space for an exhibition under the name "BETWEEN (STAGE)", they decided to keep the ball rolling, renovate the room and use it as an artist-run exhibition space for young and emerging artist. By hosting regular exhibitions for artists trying to do what they love, they hope to show Brussels the fresh young faces of promising creators, and broaden both the artists’ as their own network. 

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Past exhibitions

BETWEEN (STAGE), August 2019



24 - 28 August 2019


OPEN CALL "beauty / ?"

After the announcement of the budget cuts in the Flemish cultural sector, and the fierce response, MP Peter De Roover (N-VA) said: “We used to have artists who had a better eye for beauty and aesthetics. That is a very nostalgic vision and it is beautiful that it is coming back. What do we see today? Art is the most individual expression of the most individual feelings of the artist. It is the artist who becomes more important. (...) I think the fact that art is beauty has been forgotten too much in recent years.”


For the occasion of the opening of the new artist-run space “K.L.8”, we are looking for artists to share their vision on the concept of “beauty”. In what forms do contemporary artists envision beauty? Fight it. Embrace it. Consider it. Make it.


What is beauty in today’s world and art? 


To be considered for this exhibition, please submit a PDF-document containing:


  • A short statement on your idea of “beauty in art”

  • An artist CV,

  • Images of and text about the work/project for the exhibition,

  • Portfolio with recent work,

  • Artist statement.


Send this document to We also accept dropbox- and wetransfer-links when files are too large for standard email. 


There is no limit to what can be submitted. We accept everything from painting to video, installation and performance. However, do consider we are unable to show large-scale sculpture or installations due to the fire-code of the building. Make sure people can safely exit the building around your project. 


Deadline: 1st of February


We will be making a decision around mid-February, aiming to open the space and exhibition around mid-March. 


There is no application fee, but neither can we provide an artist- or project-fee.