Hematospermia - A Punishment by God + Shroud

Hematospermia - A Punishment by God


During my period of sexual awakening, I quickly discovered that sex and intimacy were used as a currency. I could give it to get it, but there were no emotions involved. The longer I practiced this, the more I was deprived of human emotions. During this period, I also suffered from hematospermia, or “the presence of blood in semen”. I saw this as the punishment of God for my sexual excess. To solidify this experience and my thoughts on the current over-sexualisation of mankind and the detachment of human emotions, I developed a series of bleeding penises in the shape of a reversed cross. Here, the reverse cross transcends it’s Satanic meaning and becomes a symbol for the anti-ideology. Whereas we used to live by saint-like rules which severely limited our moral freedom, nowadays we live by no rules but our own and, in the process, make the wrong decisions and deprive ourselves of our own emotions and humanity. While “Hematospermia” is the prime image of my philosophy, “Shroud” is a more subtle version which emphasize my loss of fate and the resurrection of a wrong moral.