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Giorno e Notte


Masculinity, femininity and the combination of both is something near and dear to Dilum Coppens’ heart. He considers him/her self as an androgyn, embodying both sexes. 


To visualize this part of his identity, Dilum used the work “The Ambassadors” of Hans Holbein as a starting point for his own creation.
He used different kinds of symbols to unify both sides of the spectrum, both sides of androgyny. Classical symbols but also references to Plato, Neo-Platonism and Michelangelo’s classical yet androgynous marble sculptures.


But Dilum’s standpoint remained that it is near to impossible to visualize this phenomenon. Androgyny is something you are, not something you see. 
Using this idea, he transformed the image he made into an allegory of the cave to symbolize the impossibility to visualize a complete identity, belief and way of life.

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