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24 May - 22 September 2019

M Museum, Leuven, Belgium

On May 24th, M - Museum Leuven proudly presents the latest edition of OPEN M. This unique exhibition offers visual artists from Flemish Brabant the extraordinary opportunity to showcase their work within the prestigious walls of the museum. Selected by a panel of esteemed local figures, this edition features the works of 21 diverse artists. Visitors can expect an eclectic mix of paintings, photographs, drawings, sculptures, etchings, screen prints, and even animated films.

In celebration of M - Museum Leuven's 10th anniversary in 2019, OPEN M marks its fifth iteration with a special touch. The jury, composed of five notable Flemings with strong ties to Leuven – Imke Courtois, Phara de Aguirre, Milow, Arnout Hauben, and Els Dottermans – had the challenging task of selecting their favorite pieces from an impressive 323 submissions. "The result is a highly diverse group exhibition. This diversity is evident not only in the variety of artworks on display but also in the range of artists themselves, from the youngest at 18 to the oldest at 72. The exhibition offers a cross-section of the vibrant artistic life in our region, encompassing both professional and amateur artists," says Denise Vandevoort, Chair of M - Museum Leuven.

This exhibition is a testament to the thriving artistic community in Flemish Brabant and a celebration of the incredible talent found within the region. Don't miss this opportunity to experience a rich array of artistic expressions at M - Museum Leuven's OPEN M exhibition.

With work by David Luc Dodukalo, Jean-Pierre Decort, Dilum Coppens, Danièle Villers, Radegonda Bröde, Lisa Foster, Bisser, Kathleen Joos, Silke Reyntjens, Bart Vankrunkelsven, Saskia Steeno, Gabriela Usala, Kim Wey, Lies Caeyers, Valerie Delahaye, Dirk Eelen, Peng Nghia, Jan Vandeplancke, Selien Vermeulen, Obed Vleugels, and Jan Wuyts.

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