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Kapellekes in het Land van Rhoode: Maria in het Landschap

3 March - 26 May 2024

Oud-Turnout, Belgium

Rhoode Chapel in Old Turnhout has served as an oasis of contemplation and meeting for decades. Built in the summer of 1897, the chapel was commissioned by Mrs. Josephina Dufour-Dessauer out of devotion to Our Lady. Every third Wednesday of May, the family gathered to pray there. Afterwards, everyone, including pilgrims present, was invited to the banquet at the farmhouse across the street. Thus arose the tradition of distributing coffee cakes after the pilgrimage.

To this day, the chapel and its annual pilgrimage have retained their special significance, both for the local community of Rhoode and far beyond. The veneration of Mary in and around this chapel has served as inspiration for a new arts trail "Mary in the Land of Rhoode," organized by the Hofke van Chantraine.

Mary is known as one of the most portrayed figures in history. As the archetype of the mother figure, can she still play a meaningful role in our modern society? Artists were invited to dialogue with Mary and rural Rhoode.

The event allows visitors to explore the multifaceted meanings of Mary as a symbol of love, commitment, affection and as the mother of the landscape.

With work by Veerle Stevens, Michaël Marek, Stephanie Gillis, Vladimir Tchervonisjenko, Philippe Vandenameele, Annabelle Cock, Maurice Heymbeeck, Isabelle Dubois, Kris Seynhaeve, Renilde Moonen, Abelen Architectuur/Rick Abelen, Nathalie Stroobant, Petrus Vanlessen, An Devroe, Philippe Digneffe, Franka van Hoof, Isabelle Van Brussel, Dilum Coppens, Patti Verhoeven, Johan Govaerts, Basisschool Zwaneven, Peter Snijder, Corry Vandermassen, Jan Hasselman, Danielle Meeus, Janne Leppens, Geerke Sticker, Jos de Vries, Axel van Ickx, and Eric Vanherck.

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